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Tory Lanez Responds Back After Cassidy Accused Him Of Stealing Bars

Tory Lanez recent freestyle on Hot 97 has caught the attention of Philly born rapper Cassidy who says he is Lanez Favorite rapper.

The infamous freestyle was featured during a segment with Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97. This is the very same freestyle Lanez appeared to take a shot at Megan Thee Stallion when he said he was “framed.” (View: Tory Lanez Takes A Shot At Megan On Hot 97 Freestyle)

Now Lanez has Cassidy also ticked off and has been accused of stealing bars. On Wednesday afternoon (July 21), Cassidy shared a video of Tory Lanez “stealing” his bars dating back to 2017. With that came a caption from Cassidy who sarcastically said he was Lanez favorite rapper, “I’m @torylanez favorite rapper #RNS Ain’t no denying that 👀👂🏾 #GoatGang 🐐 Show me the respect I deserve & #LetsGetToThisChicken 💵 #BARSisBack#DaEnergy ⚡️.”

Well, Cassidy was right. He is Lanez favorite rapper. Tory Lanez would respond back to Cassidy directly in the comment section of the Instagram post. “U are one of my favorite rappers Cass. What’s the problem?,” Lanez wrote. Moments later Tory Lanez continued with his disappointment. “I guess this is what happens when you try to pay homage,” he writes. “The first freestyle I shouted ya name out because you did inspire me. The second one I went on YOUR beat. Sh-t is sad how you old n—as be mad at the young n—as for not showing love then when we do…we get responses like this.”

Cassidy has yet to respond back to Lanez, but it does appear this has ignited the rap veteran to drop new music.


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