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Too Short, Vivica Fox Share Their Tupac Vegas Stories

Recently legendary West Coast rapper Too Short and actress Vivica A. Fox spoke about being around Tupac the night he was shot in Vegas.

“I saw Tupac the night he got shot in Vegas. It was probably a couple of hours before it happened,” Too Short recalls during his Short Stories segment via his official YouTube channel.

Just as everyone who attended the Tyson Vs. Bruno fight, Too Short experienced what he calls a “classic” Mike Tyson fight. One which last about 90 seconds. After the fight, as Too Short headed back to the Luxor Hotel, he would run into Tupac and Suge Knight as they was leaving the hotel. This is where Too Short’s last interaction with Tupac occurred.

“We just stopped and talked for a minute or so,” Too Short recalls. “He said nothing about a fight. He didn’t even look hyper or nothing. He was just regular ‘Pac. He was like, ‘Yo we about to switch up the fits and go over to Club 662’. That was Suge’s club at the time. He said it was gonna be open mic. Everybody gonna get on the mic. He named a few people. I’m like yeah, I’m cool with it.”

Unfortunately Tupac never made it as he was gunned down on the Vegas strip. “All the times we hung out and I think back on him, I think of that night,” Too short said. “That’s my favorite Tupac story, the last time I saw him.”

Vivica Fox on the other hand was interviewed by VLAD TV, where she also shared her own Tupac Vegas story. In fact Vivica remembers watching Tupac perform live in Vegas right after he was released from prison. “He wanted to hang out with us. We ended up in the VIP section, me and my girlfriend. Hanging out with him and having the best time. I said, ‘Welcome home’.”

Just as everyone else, Vivica prayed Tupac would pull through after being shot in 1996 on the Vegas strip. “We was actually hoping to run into him at the after party,” Vivica said. “It was such a huge lost, it really was.”


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