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Tony Yayo And 50 Cent Kicked Out Of Studio By Beyoncé

Tony Yayo revealed how he and 50 Cent were kicked out of the studio by Beyoncé.

Appearing on VladTV, former G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo recalled the studio session which included 50 Cent. Coming up from the streets of Queens, New York, both 50 Cent and Tony Yayo took that mentality into the music industry. With the session in question, 50 Cent, Tony Yayo and about 50 other acquaintances flooded the studio.

Tony Yayo said: “It was a whole bunch of Brooklyn n****s, us in there and the Trackmasters. One of them n****s came in there and was like, ‘Yo, we thugging them out. This was when they were Destiny’s Child, the first time. They had that song, ‘A thug’s what I want,’ that’s 50 and Beyoncé.”

Tony Yayo And 50 Cent Kicked Out Of Studio By Beyoncé
Beyoncé (YouTube)

Not feeling the gangster vibes, Beyoncé told them to leave the studio. A 50 Cent and Destiny’s Child collaboration took place around the time of the incident. The song titled Thug Love made its way onto 50 Cent’s 1999 album, Power of the Dollar. Days before the scheduled video shoot for Thug Love, 50 Cent was shot nine times. Due to this, filming never took place and the album remains unreleased.

In addition, Tony Yayo went more in-depth about why they kept people from certain boroughs around them. “50 always liked the Brooklyn n****s ’cause back then, the Brooklyn n****s wouldn’t care. Them n****s would get on a train with the hammers. Brooklyn n-ggas, they fresh and fly like a muthaf**ka, but back then it was the grimy Brooklyn in the ’90s, like scars on their face, big ass .357. ‘Yeah, I need to rob a n***a.’”

Furthermore, on the same album as the Destiny’s Child song, 50 Cent made How to Rob, a diss song going against many artists. One of the artists targeted was the future husband of Beyonce, Jay-Z. The Brooklyn rapper hit back on “It’s Hot (Some Like It Hot),” rapping: “Go against Jigga? Your ass is dense/I’m about a dollar; what the f**k is 50 cents?”


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