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The Time When Lil Bibby, Juice Wrld Turned Down “Insane” Record Deal

Continuing the release of Lil Bibby’s interview with VLAD TV, part 6 has the rapper and label executive share a story of when he rejected an “insane” record deal offer for Juice Wrld.

Bibby got his opportunity at running his own label due to someone he knew at Def Jam who saw Bibby’s track record for scouting talent and invested money to help Bibby form the label. With no artist at that moment, Bibby would meet Juice Wrld.

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At the time Juice Wrld had only about 2,000 followers on Instagram and 70K plays on SoundCloud for “All Girls Are The Same“. Bibby at the time wasn’t impressed, but after hearing “Lucid Dreams” which had far less plays than “All Girls Are The Same”, he instantly knew a star was on the horizon.

When asked by his associate at Def Jam if has an artist in mind, Bibby said he had signed Juice. With no stats to back up Bibby’s claiming Juice Wrld was the next big thing, his Def Jam associate put an offer on the table trusting Bibby’s instincts. “He was finna give Juice a bunch of money,” Bibby explained. “We was just like holding off cause like… we just didn’t do it.”

Bibby had his own plan in place and wanted Juice Wrld to first put out some material before entertaining any offers. “I already had a plan. I could have jumped at the first deal because it was really insane to offer that much to somebody that didn’t have anything out.”

Eventually Juice Wrld would become a star on Bibby’s Grade A Productions and Interscope Records. Watch the clip below via VLAD TV.


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