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The Game showcases his “Games” mixtape series featuring indy artists after he was accused from scamming the up and coming rappers.

For the past months The Game through various Instagram posts recruited indy artists who wanted to get the shine needed to hopefully have their careers take off. Many artists allegedly paid anywhere from $500 to $1000 to be featured on the mixtape series, but were extremely disappointed when the songs were featured on a Soundcloud account with only 353 followers.

These allegations were made public via The Foo Community account on Instagram, where many users claimed The Game promised to be featured on the songs, but that never happened. Songs featured on the tapes reached only 1k in views, but this will change due to the coverage it has gained in the media.

The Game has yet to promote the series on his IG feed, but instead the rapper has a post for a Bobby Shmurda welcome home event hosted by DJ Carisma at Club Hurricane. The Game did promote some of the music through his IG Story within the last 24 hours, perhaps his way of answering back to the negative press and unhappy indy artists who feel they were cheated and scammed.

Click here to listen to more mixtapes from the “Games” series.


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