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The Game Disses Diddy For Claiming King Of L.A.

The Game on DJ Kay Slay-hosted “72 Bar Assassin” doesn’t shy away as he disses Diddy after he claimed king of L.A.

Back in early June, Diddy was interviewed by P of Quality Control. This is where Diddy declared himself the King of L.A. “We have a lot of kings, but P baby, we’re going to put some respect on that name,” he said. “Since I’m king of New York, Miami, and L.A, I come with greetings from the other empires. I pay respect to you.”

This obviously wasn’t going to sit well with many — and The Game was one of them. Rapping on “72 Assassin”, The Game addresses Diddy, “King of New York, King of L.A / And I don’t give a f— what Diddy say, my semi spray / Any time, anywhere, any day.”

The Game also took the opportunity to mention Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and of course 50 Cent. Game is still interested in a Verzuz with Fif as he raps, “Puffin’ on a blunt of gas just to talk about a Verzuz with 50, tell Swizzy, “I need a hundred, cash.”

"72 Bar Assassin

These shots fired at Diddy by The Game are rather surprising, even if he is repping his coast. Prior to signing with Dr. Dre, The Game was about to sign with Diddy. Although it never happened, years later Diddy appeared on The Game’s 2015 “Documentary 2” on the song “Standing On Ferraris”.

Not only did Diddy appear on the song, but he revealed how The Game bought him a Ferrari. Speaking with TMZ back in 2015, The Game confirmed the story by saying, “I had about $250,000 that I got from doing a show in Dubai. Because I ran with Diddy before I ran with Dre … like I was running around with Diddy, but we never worked on an album or nothing. When I told Diddy that Dre was trying to sign me and Diddy was like, ‘Go do your thing man.’ That ended being my whole career, so I was always grateful that Diddy didn’t do no bulls—t. He was a real n—a. So I felt like I owed Diddy something, so I bought him a Ferrari.”

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Watch the video below as The Game talks about buying Diddy a Ferrari then disses Diddy.


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