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Tekashi 69’s Father Gets No Love, 6ix9ine Explains Why

After Tekahsi 69’s father publicly revealed he was homeless, 6ix9ine tells Akademiks why he won’t be lending a hand, not even a penny.

This past Tuesday (June 29), Tekashi 69 explained why he is not supporting his biological father, Danny Hernandez, Sr. According to the Brooklyn rapper he has not forgotten how his father abandoned him at birth. “Everybody knows I was abandoned at birth. Everybody knows that my biological father abandoned me at birth.”

Tekashi’s explanation via live stream with Akademiks, comes days after PageSix obtained a video of Hernandez, Sr. In the footage Tekashi 69’s father says he has been homeless for two years and has received no love from his son. “Because I don’t have an apartment, he doesn’t know that I’m in the shelter. Now he’s going to know I’ve been here for, what, two years already? You think he’d come hook me up with something,” he said. “He’s been giving money to other people. … He gives money to everybody. ‘Here, here, here.’”

Hernandez, Sr. is referring to Tekashi handing out money to just about everyone just as he did in his recent trip to Mexico.

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Continuing with his explanation, Tekashi wasn’t holding back. “Right now, he’s in a shelter smoking crack. The story of me not giving money to a crackhead who abandoned me at birth is getting more publicity than the positive things. Why? Because it’s a trend to hate me.”

Indeed, Tekashi 69’s father has been trending. In fact, Herdandez Sr. made headlines when he appeared in court back in 2019 when Tekashi 69 was ready to be sentenced. During this time, Tekashi 69’s father asked multiple times to speak up for his son, but was denied by the Judge. “It’s way too late to show and speak on his behalf. You squandered that right many years ago,” the judge stated.

Regardless of the trend, Tekashi remains focused and understands that no matter what he does he will always be documented in a negative light to many. “The narrative will always be like, let’s make Tekashi 69 look like the worst human being in the world,” Tekashi said in the live stream. “No matter what I say and Akademiks how many times I said this to you. I can say to an interviewer, ‘Tekashi how’s your relationship with your mother?’. Well, I love my mother. They’ll print out the story tomorrow saying, ‘Tekashi loves his mom, but hates his dad’, whenever I never said that.”


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