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Tekashi 69, Wack 100 Interview Premiere Date, Watch Clip Here

Wack 100 says Tekashi 69 is not afraid to die in a preview clip for their upcoming interview.

On Thursday evening Akademiks unveiled the very first clip for his upcoming podcast via his official YouTube channel. The much anticipated Tekashi 69 and Wack 100 interview is set to premiere on August 3rd. A 3-hour interview will be the very first episode in Akademiks new podcast “Off The Record.”

During the minute long clip, Wack explains how Tekashi 69 does not care if he dies, stating Tekashi is out here with a point to prove. Agreeing was Tekashi 69 who said, “I only attack those who come after me.” According to Tekashi as he once told his own security team, if he was to get shot up then that is what is meant to be.

The interview was put together as per the request of Wack 100 who reached out to Akademiks. According to Wack, he had questions for Tekashi and felt the rapper was never held accountable. “Yo @akademiks I have some real questions for @6ix9ine. I need dude to look me in my eyes when I ask these questions. He has yet to be held accountable. Let me be the judge and the culture will be the jury,” Wack wrote via his IG Story in mid July.

Tekashi 69, Wack 100 Interview Premiere Date, Watch Clip Here
Wack 100 (Courtesy of “Off The Record” podcast)

Wack had previously went as far as saying 6ix9ine did not snitch, but rather told the truth. (View: Wack 100 Explains Why Tekashi 69 Did Not Snitch)”Remember he got a red bandanna with rainbow hair, but when he takes that costume off this is a civilian. They was never suppose to put this man in the position that he was us. So when I say he didn’t snitch, I think he went back to who he was,” Wack 100 said during an interview with No Jumper.

Although the interview should cover many serious topics, as shown on the first clip, it will also have its funny moments. As Tekashi 69 mimicked how the sound of a firearm shooting him, “HAUNG HAUNG HAUNG HAUNG!!” Wack was quick to poke fun by saying, “Listen ni–a, idk what kind of gun that is.”

How to watch the Tekashi 69 and Wack 100 interview

Updated August 5, 2021. The interview between Tekashi 69 and Wack 100 on “Off The Record” podcast is not available via Spotify, audio and video. Here.


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