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Tekashi 69 Talks LA Fitness Incident On Despierta América

Tekashi 69 breaks silence after his assault in LA Fitness and appears on Despierta América. Promotes new music video, Bori feat. Lenier.

It’s been a pretty busy week for Tekashi 69. Jumped at LA Fitness, hospitalized, trip to Cuba where he gave out money to the community, all documented in his latest music video, Bori. Featuring Latin singer Lenier, Tekashi 69 made his return to the music industry on Friday (March 31).

Along with his new music video, Tekashi 69 appeared on Latin television for two interviews, Despierta América and El Gordo Y La Flaca. The rapper appeared to be in good spirits despite the beat down that occurred in La Fitness.

Tekashi 69 (El Gordo Y La Flaca)
Tekashi 69 (El Gordo Y La Flaca)

Although the interview on Latin television show El Gordo Y La Flaca was primarily focused on his new single and video featuring Cuban artist Lenier, the Brooklyn rapper did speak about the LA Fitness on Despierta América.

According to 6ix9ine he took a week off from the spotlight to recover. The rapper says he was on the phone with a female when moments later the attack occurred.

“I’m good. I’m here alive,” said Tekashi 69 on Despierta América. “I don’t know them. They were 3 Hispanics and 2 Blacks and it lasted about 1 minute and a half to 2 minutes.”

Tekashi 69 is not looking to press charges on those who assaulted the rapper, but will sue LA Fitness who allowed the individuals to enter the gym without a membership.

Tekashi 69 Breaks Silence on IG

Along with explanation of the LA Fitness incident on Despierta América, 69 took to his official IG account to further explain what really happened.

“First time addressing the situation. For 2 years I been walking around with no security. Not saying I promote that BUT now you see I really never hid from anything. If you ever crossed my path or ever came to my house (you girls know who you are) ya can tell the world “Danny drives his own cars and be solo” You know how many of you people seen me in real life by myself in gas stations, supermarkets, restaurants, etc,” Tekashi 69 told his 21.8 million followers Friday night.

“Anyway what happen here was nothing but cowardly. I’m not mad this happened. In the street there’s no rules so I cant say they were wrong. Obviously it wasn’t fair but again the streets has no rules. Just imagine having nothing to do to with a situation and feel obligated to make it your business. (Very weird) I’m happy to be here still. And I want to say I love my fans. Thank you. P.S : I never knew we respected jumping people. When did that ever become a W???,” he concluded his caption accompanied by a clip of the LA Fitness incident.

Those involved in the gym attack were arrested this past week. A rep for the Palm Beach Sheriff Office tells TMZ detectives rounded up Rafael Medina, Jr., Octavious Medina and Anthony Maldonado for assaulting and robbing 6ix9ine. Suspects were being booked Thursday evening and processed into county jail. According to a post shared by Akademiks, bonds are currently listed at 20K to 50K respectively.


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