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Tekashi 69 Is Ready For 15,000 Fans At Marine Stadium

Tekashi 69 along with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz is ready for Marine Stadium performance presented by TrillerFest in Miami.

Coming off his live performance in a club where he jumped off the balcony into the live crowd, Tekashi 69 is more than ready for 15,000 screaming fans this Saturday, May 1st. Tekashi took to Instagram where he addressed all the haters. “MIAMI THIS SATURDAY 🌈🌈 MARINE STADIUM YOU LOOKING FOR ME IM THERE,” wrote Tekashi 69 in the caption as he tagged Triller and Bobby Sarn Triller executive.

In the video Tekashi 69 tells his haters, “No more excuses. If you’re looking for me. You know where to find me!” This will be the first time since his release from prison in 2020 that 6ix9ine will perform in front of a large crowd. The pandemic being the reason for the long wait.

Tekashi guarantees that his performance will go down as best performance ever. “THEY SAID HE CANT DO NO SHOWS IN AMERICA 😂😂😂 THIS SATURDAY MIAMI 🌈🌈 MIAMI MARINE STADIUM 🎥 THE BEST PERFORMANCE YOU HAVE EVER SEEN ‼️ SEE YOU THERE.”

Tyga, Cris Cab and Kid Lee are also set to perform. For more info visit the official Trillerfest site.



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