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Tekashi 69 Dances In Cuba, Shows Off Multi-Million Dollar Safe

Tekashi 69 dances in Cuba and continues to live his best life as he shows off his multi-million dollar safe.

After being challenged to drop new music by New York DJ Funkmaster Flex and then respectfully declining, Tekashi 69 has been playing Santa Claus way past the holidays. Back in January, 6ix9ine flew to his hometown and linked with some of his best friends where he gifted $300K worth of Birkin bags.

One month later, Tekashi was at it again. This time yesterday’s price was indeed not yesterday’s price. Tekashi would go to purchase $1 million dollars worth of Prive Porter handbags. The rapper claimed he was changing his life and giving everyone “69 + Danny in 2023.”

Tekashi 69

Part of that full blown experience into the world of the Brooklyn rapper was a trip to Cuba. During a recent visit, Tekashi 69 was seen playing soccer by the pool captioning the video “the only friends I got left.” The “GOOBA” rapper also went on to show off his dancing skills as seen in the video below.

Through it all, Tekashi appears to be living his best life despite removing himself from the music industry and going nearly a year without releasing new music. The rapper everyone loves to hate also had no problem in showing off his own personal safe which holds over $10 million dollars.


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