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Tekashi 69 Contract With Wack 100 To Be Revealed Soon?

Days after their face-to-face interview, Wack and 69 interacted on the popular Clubhouse app. With that came the possibility of a Tekashi 69 contract with Wack 100.

Many questioned Wack 100’s motive to have a sit down conversation with Tekashi 69, to which Wack simply said via an IG post, “The difference between me and you is simple. I do WTF I wanna do. #TheWolf.” And do what he wanna do is exactly what Wack 100 did. A 3 hour interview between Wack 100 and 69 aired exclusively on Spotify part of Akademiks pilot episode for his upcoming podcast “Off The Record.” (Watch 6ix9ine, Wack 100 Off The Record Interview Via Spotify)

Although Wack 100 stated Tekashi 69 is not manageable during Thursday night’s (August 5) Clubhouse session, it appears a Tekashi 69 contract with Wack 100 may exist. Well, at least according to 69. Wack 100 was asked why he is always commenting when someone says something about 69, Wack replied by saying, “Well, tell ’em it’s my room. I’m hosting it.” Tekashi 69 quickly intervened by stating he has already signed a management deal with Wack 100. “He lying. We just signed management papers the other day.”

Wack claimed Tekashi is simply trolling. “Now watch this. I got $500. What did 6ix9ine just do? The fact that he just said that, it’s gonna be up on all the blogs,” Wack stated.

Still Tekashi says he is willing to put a picture of the contract on his Instagram profile. “You could put whatever you want to put up. I know the truth,” Wack replied back. “What I’m trying to teach these people is, this ni–a is a troll. He’s gonna antagonize and say sh-t to keep you talking about him for the next year.” Tekashi stood on his word, “Wack knows how to throw ya’ll ni–as off. He just threw ya’ll all the way off.”

If a deal is in place, the contract could have been signed during their face-to-face interview in Miami. The interview appeared to be an attempt to help clear Tekashi’s “snitch” label and bring a better understanding to the mind of the Brooklyn rapper. On a more personal level, the sit down hopefully was a teachable moment for Tekashi, who was being schooled by Wack 100.

Listen to Tekashi 69 claiming he signed a management deal with Wack 100 below.


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