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Tekashi 69 And Lil Baby’s Jaw Dropping X-Mas Gifts

It’s the season for giving, as rappers Tekashi 69 and Lil Baby give their loved ones incredible x-mas gifts!

Tekashi 69 has been playing Santa all year, but closing out 2022 the Brooklyn rapper left the best for last. As shared by 69 on x-mas eve, the rapper had a gift for his mother that she will never forget. In fact, it’s a gift she has been wanting.

Blind folding his mother as she stood surrounded by Tekashi’s impressive car collection, the rapper surprised his mother with her own whip. A Lamborghini truck to be exact. “By the way, my mom is an immigrant, 60 years old and does not know how to drive, but wants a car so bad,” said Tekashi in the video liked by 26,000.”

Tekashi 69 And Lil Baby's Jaw Dropping X-Mas Gifts
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Tekashi’s mother was clearly excited and thanked 69 who she asked God to bless and stated he is such a great son. The kind gesture was captioned by Tekashi’s regular antics, “My mom is jokes 😭 but yo you guys have a merry Christmas make sure ya get ya girl some shit these bitches doing bad out here 😭😭😭😅💔 can someone buy me some crocs?”

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69’s mother wasn’t the only one receiving expensive gifts this x-mas. Jason Armani, Lil Baby’s son was blessed courtesy of his father and Icebox Diamonds. Shared on IG, Lil Baby’s son is seen unwrapping an entire showcase at the Icebox Atlanta location. Eight iced out jewelry was ready for Jason.

Lil Baby also received a luxury gift of his own. No it was not Axe deodorant spray which the rapper promoted on his IG with the #axepartner. Instead he was given the “perfect gift” present. A Yamaha Banshee. The gift came courtesy of @2knois2luv, as the Billboard charting rapper shared on his IG Story on Thursday (December 22).


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