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Suge Knight Sells Over His Life Rights For Upcoming Biopic

Behind bars, Suge Knight has narrowed down his selection when it comes to selling over his rights for an upcoming biopic.

Former owner of Death Row records is currently serving a 28-year sentence after pleading no contest to voluntary manslaughter in a fatal 2015 hit-and-run. Regardless, Knight continues to make business moves behind bars and his voice has not been silence. According to Deadline, Suge Knight has linked up with Steve Whitney and his production company TSW Films.

Knight explained his decision to move forward with his biopic. “Over the last 30 years, there has been so much talk about Compton, me, the inner cities, and Death Row – A lot of talk. Even when it comes to making my movie there has been so many imposters saying they have my rights, or they got the deal – that was, and is, all talk,” said Knight. “I jumped off the porch in my neighborhood at a young age but never forgot where I came from. Most people try to ride for the hills, I made it and tried to bring as many people to the hills with me and feel that I was successful at it.”

Suge Knight
Suge Knight (Showtime/American Dream, American Knightmare)

Back in 2019, reports had Ray J as the owner of Knight’s life rights. Speaking with The Blast, Suge Knight denounced those rumors. Straight from prison, Knight clarified Raj J’s role. “Yeah, I just heard about the article being released regarding that Ray J has all my rights television, movies, books, you know all that type of stuff,” Knight said. “He don’t. Ray J is not just a friend of mine, that’s little brother, that’s family. And I respect Ray J and his business dealings. That’s why I choose him as one of the guys to deal with the music side of the future for as Death Row Records. Anything to do Death Row and it’s great to have him cause he will be putting out this incredible album and I heard it before.”

As far as a Suge Knight autobiography, leave that in the hands of Nick Cannon. According to Suge Knight, Nick Cannon is a great writer, and trustworthy. “Nick Cannon will be doing the book personally as a writer, I know he has all the potential and the spirit to be a great writer, he is a great writer, he will be doing my book,” he said.

Since then Cannon has stayed in contact with Knight. While his focus is writing the book with Suge Knight, the former Death Row records owner looked out for “little bro”, and dropped a voice memo on the intro of “The Invitation”, Cannon’s diss song to Eminem. “He caught wind of what was going on and wanted to say something on one of these tracks,” Cannon explains during a recent phone call interview with Billboard. As an author, I was just working on writing his book with him, and he wanted to look out for little bro, I guess.

Nick Cannon at least once a month visits Suge Knight who is serving time behind bars after pleading no contest in 2018. “I go see Suge at least once a month. What Alex Haley was to The Autobiography of Malcolm X is what I’m doing for Suge Knight. I’m giving him the opportunity to tell his story through my pen,” Cannon told Billboard. The book has yet to be released as it was slated for end of 2020.

No word on when Knight’s biopic will be released, but Knight is ready to take things to the next level. “I met a guy named Mike Klein that was with Ruthless. David Kenner was on the phone with Michael Harris and they took a meeting with Jerry Heller and during process of taking that meeting they were trying to sell Dre back to Ruthless behind my back. Mike Klein told me about it and I respect him for it – We became friends. So when it came time to do a real movie and tell the truth about it he introduced me to Steve Whitney. Now, Steve, Mike, and I, and the woman that has my back, are making this movie. Taking it to the next level!”


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