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Story Behind Diddy’s $5000 Bad Boy Logo

Speaking Shawn Perez for VLAD TV, Roger Bonds reminisced about his dear friend and Harlem legend, D-Ferg, while revealing Ferg’s involvement with the Bad Boy logo.

D-Ferg, father of rapper ASAP Ferg, was considered the epitome of Harlem. From his clothing brand Ferg to his store and his connections in the streets, Ferg was that guy in Harlem.

Not many are aware that D-Ferg’s was the man responsible for the infamous Bad Boy logo.

“He said one day, ‘We on now Bonds!’ I’m like, ‘Whatcha mean?’ He was like, ‘Remember my man that I showed you before, Puff,’” recalled Bonds on VLAD TV. “He said, ‘He just got x amount of millions. I just did the shirts.’ And he showed me the shirts. He showed me the Bad Boy logo with the shirts.”

Story Behind Diddy's $5000 Bad Boy Logo
Roger Bonds (VLAD TV)

D-Ferg excited about the future and working with Puffy and his new venture, that outcome quickly fizzled the very next day. According to Bonds, Ferg was not too happy about his pay for the iconic Bad Boy logo.

Despite clearly upset about receiving $5000 for the logo, Ferg stayed positive and rocked with Bad Boy till the very end. Through all the ups and downs, Ferg was content with his own success. “He said, ‘It didn’t turn out the way I thoughts Bonds, but we still here.,’” said Bonds.

D-Ferg would lose his life due to kidney failure as explained by his son ASAP Ferg. “[My father] died of kidney failure, from breathing in all that plastisol paint. I could be like, ‘How am I ever going to fill my pop’s shoes?’ But in my eyes, I’m becoming better than him, accomplishing things he didn’t get a chance to. He would want that,” Ferg told Complex in 2013.


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