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SteveWillDoIt Back With Tekashi 69, Has Message For Haters

After weeks apart, SteveWillDoIt and Tekashi 69 are back together and stronger than ever, as the popular YouTuber has a message for the haters.

It appears SteveWillDoIt, real name Stephen Deleonardis, was hanging with Tekashi 69 in Miami over the weekend. The YouTuber shared a photo Sunday (July 17) of himself along with Tekashi 69 and Byram Byby, owner of VENDÔME Miami Club.

In the photo liked by Tekashi 69 and 154, 000 other Instagram users, has the duo smiling and having a good time. In fact, Steve had a message for those who may hate on the reunion. “Fck what anyone says 69 my dawg 4L. Sh*t happens but that’s life. Life’s a gamble @stake,” he wrote in the Instagram caption.

SteveWillDoIt Back With Tekashi 69, Has Message For Haters
SteveWillDoIt (YouTube)

Well sh*t did happen and since May of 2022, Tekashi and Steve had broken up their friendship. It all started when Tekashi 69 allegedly tricked Lil Durk lookalike Perkioo to link up. In the video that went viral, 6ix9ine pulled out a jacket embroidered with a photo of the late King Von, which he then draped over Perkioo.

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Perkioo was angered and confused by what had transpired as he stated he was there only to see SteveWillDoIt of the Nelk Boys to do a YouTube video. However, when he got there, 6ix9ine was there. Steve went on to aplogize to Perkioo and hooked him up with cash and cartier bracelets. All of which Perkioo gladly appreciated and even earned the respect of Meek Mill artist, Tafia.

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“@SteveWillDoIt made the whole situation beyond right and I appreciate u for standing on ya word!” wrote Tafia, alongside the video, which showed SteveWillDoIt gifting Perkioo money and jewelry to him. “U proved me wrong, u are a good person and u have my upmost respect! He gave @darealperkioo some bread, some crypto currency for him and his family and told him to pick out any pair of shoes his size and keep them all from @benjaminkickz AND gifted him 2 buss down CARTIER Bracelets! I didn’t want or gain anything from this. I just wanted to make things right! I’m satisfied and happy.”

In related news, Tekashi 69 also dropped a comment on the new photo as he is reunited with SteveWillDoIt. Tekashi appears to back to his trolling as he wrote, “I hate Biden..”


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