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Steve Harvey Defends D.L Hughley Against Kanye: My Cash On DL

After days of bashing D.L. Hughley on social media, Kanye West was warned by another comedian in Steve Harvey.

Hughley and West have been going back and forth on social media, after Hughley decided to weigh in on West current break up with Kim Kardashian. It al started when Hughley appeared on VLAD TV and was asked about Kanye West. This is where Hughley stated West was “stalking” Kim. “He is stalking her,” Hughley said. “If it was my daughter I’d do something about it.” (View: D.L. Hughley Fires Back At Kanye West: I Ain’t Scared)

Kanye West would then put Hughley’s address on blast and stated he could afford to hurt the comedian. Along with the posts about Hughley, Trevor Noah – ye was banned from the social media platform for 24 hours. As of this writing Kanye’s Instagram’s posts have been completely deleted.

Now fellow comedian, Steve Harvey on his morning show this week, defended D.L. Hughley. “We from an ass whopping era,” Harvey said. “We from a whole other era.” Harvey advised Kanye West to “back up” and to “pull up.” Harvey also says his money is on D.L. if the two ever scrapped.

“Look, man, c’mon dog. Pull up, man. It ain’t what you want,” Harvey said on his show. “If yall do get to scrappin’, all my cash on DL. We from an ass-whoopin’ era. DL ain’t ya problem. Don’t go out there against that man’s family.”

Kanye West has been unable to respond to Harvey’s warning on Instagram, but that all can change when the ban is lifted on Friday. Ye was also warned by a Meta spokesperson about continuing any action that violates the social media platform after the ban is lifted.

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