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Soulja Boy To Put Up 100K Lambo Against Bow Wow In Verzuz

As we all know, Soulja Boy is a marketing genius. As he and Bow Wow build anticipation for an upcoming Verzuz battle, Soulja Boy is willing to give up his Lambo.

“If you win the Verzuz, I give you the pink slip to my Lambo,” Soulja Boy said on the video posted to his Instagram account. “I bet $100,000 that you do not got your Lambo still. I still got my same Lambo, I bought my shit cash.” 

As of this writing there is no official date for a Soulja Boy and Bow Wow Verzuz. At one point Bow Wow was totally against doing a Verzuz, even against Soulja Boy. Back in July of 2020, Bow Wow interacted with fans on Twitter where he stated it made “no sense” for him to compete in Verzuz. “I come from an era where.. if you a legend .. you a legend. No need to remind folks. Im only 33 i got more work to do. A verzuz for me right now makes no sense,” he tweeted.

At the time Bow Wow also felt there was no one that can possibly match up with him. Not even Soulja Boy who one fan suggested. Bow Wow in caps replied, “NOT GONNA HAPPEN.” Adding to his Twitter session with, “When i say theres no match up im not being cocky i really dont know a mtch up that makes sense. The names yall throwing makes no sense.”

Bow Wow wasn’t alone. Verzuz co-founder, Timbaland also felt Bow Wow shouldn’t compete in Verzuz, but for a different reason. After The Shade Room on Instagram posted about Bow Wow not wanting to do a Verzuz and at one point considered Fabolous as a worthy opponent, Timbaland jumped into the comments and said, “He mite not have 20 n the bag.”

This did not sit well with Bow Wow who replied back with “Timbo you betta stop playing w/ me. I can give you 10 before I hit my 3rd album.”

Still a year later and no Verzuz featuring Bow Wow. Although this time around it seems more possible than ever. At the end of May of this year, co-founder Swizz Beatz appeared on The Quicksilva Show with Dominique Da Diva​​​​​​, where he confirmed a Soulja Boy Bow Wow Verzuz. “It’s 99 percent real. … We ain’t get to get into the date yet—they got excited, which I’m happy about. I love to see when people get excited and it’s organic. Everything don’t have to be formal all the time, you know? So, we’re gonna roll out a whole calendar that’s gonna show you the next five-plus Verzuz.”

Still Bow Wow wasn’t convinced, as he went on Twitter and tweeted the following: “Ain’t talking versuz until i see some contracts. FACTS…. back to regular scheduling program.” To which Swizz replied back with, “Knock it off King !!!!!!!.”


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