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Snoop: Problem With Bad Boy Death Row Collab? Call Me And Diddy

Snoop Dogg has confirmed a Bad Boy Death Row records collaboration is on the way, and if you have a problem, then call him and Diddy!

Appearing on Drink Champs, Snoop Dogg spoke about purchasing the Death Row brand. Along with his breakdown on how it came about, Snoop Dogg confirmed that he and Diddy are working on a collaboration between Death Row and Bad Boy records.

“Right now it’s just an idea,” Snoop explained. “Two black men, who actually own that name, felt like it’s so much negative energy around that name that we can clear it up. And, we been f–king with each other. I’m at Puff’s house all the time. With me and my kids. So, it’s not like a gimmick or a publicity stunt to make some money or make somebody happy. It’s actually what the world needs.”

According to Snoop, it’s all about showing the world things don’t always have to turn for the worst. Snoop used himself as an example. “Me and Death Row didn’t have the greatest relationship, but look at it now. Look how I’m representing. Look how everybody is happy about Death Row, cause Snoop got it and it’s a different atmosphere.”

Snoop added that it’s all about putting love in the air. “I’m not trying to make nobody feel no kind of way, I respect everybody’s point of view and their feeling. But, until you see exactly what we’re doing, I think you should really hold back on your thoughts,” Snoop said.

What exactly does Snoop Dogg and P. Diddy have planned for a Bad Boy Death Row collaboration? As stated by Snoop at the moment, it’s just an idea. An idea that can consist of the future and changing the narrative in hip hop. “Cause if you look at the hip hop industry right now, it is driven by conflict,” Snoop said.

“Shut the f–k up and stop being brain washed. I love Puff. I love his kids. Now ni–a what’s happening? I own Death Row so I do what the f–k I want to do!”

– Snoop Dogg on Drink Champs

A Bad Boy Death Row records collab was first teased back in February of 2022. After purchasing the brand, Snoop released a short film on his official YouTube channel (Since then the video has been taken down from YouTube). In that 43-min video, Diddy is seen face timing with Snoop, as he congratulated the new brand owner of Death Row records.

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During that face time conversation, Snoop Dogg credits Diddy for teaching him how to “play chess not checkers.” Diddy goes as far as stating Snoop is one of his greatest student. “I’m so proud of you. That’s so incredibly dope. Can’t wait to sit down and here all the ideas,” Diddy said on the call. “Now we can do what we wanna do, Death Row Bad Boy,” Snoop suggested.


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