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Snoop Dogg, Paul Pierce, Jaime Foxx Share Tupac Memories

Part of Grammy Week on All The Smoke podcast hosted by Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson via Showtime Basketball, Snoop Dogg, Jaime Foxx, and Paul Pierce share their own Tupac memories.

Reflecting on his friendship with Tupac, Snoop remembers meeting Shakur before Death Row records. The two icons would meet at the Poetic Justice wrap party in 1993. An event which also had Ice Cube, Janet Jackson, and Michael Rapaport in attendance. Hosted by Ricky Harris who grew up with Snoop, the Dogg Father recalls being introduced by Harris, only to then have Tupac grab the mic from Harris as he started rapping. “So when he finished saying his little line, I grabbed the mic and I start rapping. Then he grabbed the mic and he start…. this is one mic. This is when we only had one mic,” Snoop recalls.

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Eventually the two would exchange numbers and ‘Pac would invite Snoop over his home as they watched the movie Juice. From that moment on Snoop became a fan of Shakur’s work as an actor and as a music artist. Couple years later, Tupac was bailed out of prison by Suge Knight and joined Death Row records where he created the classic single “2 Of Amerika’s Most Wanted” with Snoop Dogg.

Up next on the “Tupac Compilation” was actor Jaime Foxx who remembers the time their was a shoot at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles involving Tupac. “Somebody pulled a gun out at the comedy store and we was like, ‘Ahh’. So just running down the street with Tupac,” Foxx jokingly remembers. Former basketball player Paul Pierce and Nets player Kevin Durant also spoke about Tupac’s impact.


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