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Snoop Dogg’s Attorney Calls For Dismissal Of Alleged Accusations

Snoop Dogg’s attorney has once again filed a motion to dismiss a sexual assault lawsuit against the new brand owner of Death Row records.

Submitted on Thursday (November 3), the request states that the statute of limitation for the alleged 2013 incident passed in 2015.

“Plaintiff still fails to allege facts demonstrating Mr. Broadus proposed any ‘enticement’ to plaintiff. Similarly, plaintiff makes no factual allegations of an actual benefit Mr. Broadus promised to plaintiff – or otherwise discussed with her or offered – as part of any purported quid pro quo,” the new motion obtained by Rolling Stone argues.

Snoop Dogg Attorney Calls For Dismissal Of Alleged Accusations
Snoop Dogg (YouTube)

The plaintiff, who’s name has been kept from the public as per her attorney’s request, accused Snoop of the following in her initial filing: sex assault, sexual battery, trafficking, defamation, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. After being dismissed in April, the plaintiff refiled again in July. This time around new accusations were added claiming Snoop and his co-defendant friend Donald Campbell engaged in a “scheme” to entice, transport, and force women into sexual activity with the rapper.

“Ms. Doe’s (revived) complaint is riddled with falsehoods and fails to allege anything meeting the definition of her flawed claims,” a spokesperson told Rolling Stones in a new statement. “Snoop Dogg looks forward to proving the falsity of these allegations and obtaining, once again, their dismissal.”

According to Rolling Stones, the plaintiff’s lead lawyer, Matt Finkelberg, has yet to respond to a request for comment sent on Friday (November 4).


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