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Snoop Dogg Asks A What If Tupac Question, Internet Goes Crazy

As he often does, Snoop Dogg once again shared another Tupac related post on his Instagram account. The rapper asked his 58 million followers, “If Tupac got in your car right now and said, “Play me the best artist since I’ve died”, who would you play?”

Well that comment as expected racked up thousands of comments and over 600K in likes instantly. Shared by Snoop Dogg on Wednesday (April 28) morning, the Dogg Father actually reposted the question from the Records Instagram account.

Regardless of where it came from, the question started a debate with names such as Eminem, Nipsey, Kanye West, and even Dylan, Dylan, Dylan and Dylan (Yes the rapper who appeared on Making The Band. Watch here). An argument can be made for many. Newer artists such as Lil Baby, DaBaby and Polo G are also making a name for themselves. Polo G last year paid tribute to Tupac when he sampled “Changes”. The Chicago native created his own anthem channeling the marches and protests of 2020 with his “Wishing For A Hero” single.

Snoop didn’t include a caption in his post. Nor did he answer the question. Tupac and Snoop have a history and were both labelmates on Death Row records. In fact the two were good friends since their first meeting at the Poetic Justice movie wrap party. The two artists collaborated on the classic single “Amerika’s Most Wanted”. Although the single only peaked at number 46 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, the single was part of Tupac’s Death Row records debut album “All Eyez On Me” which has over 10 million units worldwide.

Speaking of the Billboard charts, Drake was one of those artists tagged by fans who replied back to the question. Drake has been the most successful artists the past decade. He currently sits alone with the most top 10 hits in Billboard history, reaching that feat last summer.

Fans also replied back with rappers such as Kendrick and J. Cole. Both artists are highly respected by fans and the music industry as a whole for their lyrical content and substance. Which artist would you play for Tupac? Let us know in the comments below.


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