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Slim 400 Has Passed Away In L.A. At The Age Of 33

According to multiple reports Compton native rapper Slim 400 has been shot and killed in Los Angeles Wednesday night (December 8).

The tragic news is still developing, but already the hip hop community is heartbroken once again.

Back in 2019, Slim 400 survived being shot ten times in a drive by shooting near his hometown. Shortly after surviving, Slim 400 appeared on an L.A. radio station grateful for being alive.

Slim 400

“I just feel like when you meant to be here and God have a plan for you, it ain’t no stoppin’ it,” he said. “I hit the ground thinking it was over. My family came out, kept me alive, talking to me, dragging me in the house while they still shooting…My family, love her to death for just saving me. I just feel like I’m blessed just to be here ’cause I could have just died then and there.”

Over the years there has been much debate on whether a rapper should return to his hood after becoming rich and famous. Most recently Young Dolph lost his life as he was shot and killed in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee.

Dolph who appeared on Drink Champs was advised by co-host N.O.R.E. The Queens rapper said rappers should think twice before going back home. Young Dolph didn’t seem to be bothered as he stated, “That sh-t ain’t got nothing to do with me.”


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