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Shottie’s Interview With Akademiks As He Challenges 6ix9ine

Shottie’s Interview with Akademiks is now complete and will be the second pilot episode of Akademiks upcoming “Off The Record” podcast.

After interviewing 6ix9ine and Wack 100 on his first episode, Akademiks is looking to surpass those numbers with a Shottie interview. This will be Shottie’s first interview since being locked up after the Nine Trey gang take down. Akademiks who says 6ix9ine is his “homeboy” decided to give Shottie a chance to give his side of the story. “6ix9ine can’t stop me from talking to Shottie and putting his side out there,” Akademiks explained on a recent Twitch stream.

Akademiks also gave some insight as to what to expect from the interview. The podcaster also reveals Shottie has put out a $1.5 million dollar challenge to 6ix9ine. “#Shotti calls into @offtherecordclips and says he got $1.5 million on his son to fight #6ix9ine for telling on him and the rest of the gang. 😳 episode dropping soon,” Akademiks wrote in the caption as he shared a clip from the upcoming Shottie interview.

“He’s trying to justify his actions. Dude tell them you was scared. Let them know the truth and you’d be aight, but you keep lying,” Shottie says during the 38 minute interview. “Tell the ni-gga I got $1.5 million. He talk about he gon’ knock ni–a’s out. I got $1.5 million that my son will knock him out clean. However he want it. Don’t go looking for Meek Mill or Lil Durk.”

According to Akademiks, Shottie gave the podcaster the green light for the upcoming interview. “He says Ak, ‘I don’t got too long on the jail phone, but come with the question and I’ll answer them’.”


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