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Shoe Gang Release “Onslaught” Music Video

Presented by Slaughterhouse records, Shoe Gang drop “Onslaught” showcasing their unmatched lyrical abilities.

If you’re a true hip hop head who loves lyricism, then this is only the beginning for Show Gang as they deliver their latest song “Onslaught.” Featured on their four track EP “Shoegang” which was released back in August, “Onslaught” features three of the fours members – Kenny, Julius, and Demetrius.

Shoe Gang Release "Onslaught" Music Video

“If you don’t know that sh-t hard, I’m taking your black card, you can live off your master card / You can raise the bar, but I’ll pass the bar / Like I practice law, this sh-t is raw, backwards ya’ll”

– Demetrius, “Onslaught”

The accompany black and white music video has the lyrical beasts rocking C.O.B. merch (shop here) as they deliver top notch bars. Not much is needed when it comes to the visuals. The message is clear, Shoe Gang is a force to be reckon with in the rap game.


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