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Shock G And Tupac Was Not Afraid To Die, Says “Live For Something”

Shock G, a bay area legend and member of Digital Underground who also produced for Dr. Dre, Krs-One, and Tupac Shakur to name a few, passed away at the age of 57.

As told to TMZ, Shock G’s father said his son Gregory Jacobs a.k.a Shock G, was found dead in his hotel on Thursday April 22. No word yet as to what the exact cause of death was. As of this writing the family awaits an official autopsy report.

Shock G was famously known for being the lead rapper in the iconic Hip Hop group Digital Underground along with his alter ego Humpty Hump who wore the infamous big nose. The group also consisted of Money B and gave Tupac Shakur his breakout moment when he appeared on “Same Song”. The 1990 debut album “Sex Packets” was a huge success and it’s second single “Humpty Dance” peaked at the number 11 spot of the Billboard Hot 100.

Also known as a talented producer, Shock G was instrumental in some of Tupac’s earlier projects. Producing Shakur’s hit single “I Get Around” and “So Many Tears“. The two artists had mutual respect for one another and a friendship which went beyond music, as seen in various throwback videos.

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Aside from the beats on various Tupac hit singles, many Tupac fans will forever remember Shock G as the best Tupac story teller. Whether he spoke about Tupac’s tearful and brave statement in court as Shakur stood up in court and told the judge that he was in God’s hands not his as he faced years behind bars for an alleged rape charge. Or during the premiere of the “All Eyez On Me” biopic, where Shock G said Tupac was not afraid of death and neither was he.

“Pac was ready. He knew he was done here. On to his next planet. On to his next adventure. Maybe he was reincarnated on earth, who knows, but Pac wasn’t worried about death. He was not scared of death,” Shock G tells Rolling Loud. “Neither am I. I might go tonight. I might go tomorrow.”


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