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Sheek Louch’s Advice To Young Thug When It Comes To Loyalty

Appearing on VLAD TV, Sheek Louch of The Lox, gave his thoughts on YSL members accepting plea deals as Young Thug prepares for trial.

As Young Thug’s RICO case approaches trial, YSL member, Gunna, continues to make headlines. After declaring his comeback to the music industry, many have quickly shown their displeasure. Lil Durk recently appeared to diss Gunna on a new song snippet, while others such as Lil Baby and Meek Mill unfollowed the “Pushin P” rapper. (View: Lil Durk Seemingly Disses Gunna In New Snippet, Lil Baby Unfollows)

Giving his thoughts on Gunna’s alleged snitching, Sheek who admits he is not all too familiar with the current YSL situation, gives advice to Young Thug and states it all comes down to loyalty.

Sheek Louch's Advice To Young Thug When It Comes To Loyalty
Sheek Louch (VLAD TV)

“I think it’s all the way horrible. Whatever you’re involved with, if you’re not gonna go all the way with it, it’s no place for that kind of s*** to even snitch,” said Sheek. “Thug, I would get rid of all these motherf***** around you. Take whatever they gon give you and then that’s that dawg. Stop relying on these other guys, they are not down with you.”

Sheek’s latest song featuring Whispers, touches on that exact topic of loyalty. “But I don’t feel the same love, you say you’re my man / If we gon get it together, than tell me the plan / If I see a n**** sweating, then turn on the fan / But why your energy be off when I’m shaking your hand,” raps Sheek on the Luxury Music produced beat entitled “Loyal or Stupid.”

“It’s self explanatory as far as being loyal for the wrong reasons. Everything that I say right now, I’m definitely talking from a different age right now. I’m a hundred years old. So, my definition of keeping it real is different, then when it was back then,” explained Sheek. “Don’t be loyal to these dudes that’s not really loyal to you man or even to themselves. So that’s why I called it that.”

Out of the 65 charges, Young Thug is charged with 8 counts. Young Thug has pleaded not guilty to all eight counts.


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