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Sheek Louch Can’t Stand For Kanye West’s Recent Comments

Appearing on VLADTV, Sheek Louch did not bite his tongue when it came to expressing himself against Kanye West’s recent actions.

Kanye West spent the majority of 2022 creating headlines by being outspoken on various topics that are extremely sensitive to many. From claiming George Floyd not dying because of the police officer applying pressure to his neck, to antisemitic comments and wearing his “white lives matter t-shirt.”

Facing serious backlash and losing out on a multi-million dollar deal with Adidas, Kanye West can add Sheek Louch of The Lox as someone who is no longer a fan. During a recent interview on VLADTV, Sheek did not hold back when it came to Kanye West.

Sheek Louch Can't Stand For Kanye West's Recent Comments
Kanye West

“I’m not for it. I’m not for none of those comments,” Sheek said. “I don’t give a f*** what song or what project I’m on. A lot of stuff what’ve not had happened. I’m not talking about no sneaker deals and none of that s***. Say those comments was made before that you know we wouldn’t have went out there. Nobody would have done nothing.”

Sheek is talking about The Lox appearing on Kanye’s “Donda” album on the song “Jesus Lord Pt. 2.” The trio was asked to record with West the day after their epic Verzuz with Dipset. The song was recorded the day before the “Donda” listening party, an event in which The Lox also attended.

“I hear him doing all that crazy s*** and then I hear when he talk about his beef with his baby mother he go back to being you can’t do a Black man like this. He goes back to the Black man when he’s dealing with them. Other than that he goes back to the other s***. On his White man kind of s***,” said Sheek during the 4-minute clip.


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