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Seth Rollins True Feelings About The “Roman Era”

Seth Rollins appeared on BT Sports’ Ariel Helwani Meets, where he spoke about living in the “Roman Era.”

Seth Rollins is a former two-time WWE Champion, a former WWE United States Champion and former Tag Team Champion. Even with his success and pinning Roman Reigns as he cashed in his Money In The Bank contact at Wresltemania 31 to win his first world championship and also teaming with Roman as Tag Team champions in 2013, Rollins has never been labeled “the man.”

Reigns on the other hand has been positioned to be the next John Cena. Although Reigns struggled at first, he has finally found himself as the “Head of the table” for the Bloodline.

Speaking with Ariel Helwani, Rollins does not think he will ever be “the man” or the “face” of the WWE. “I wonder often if it’s because I live in the Roman Era, that it’s just never going to happen. The only time I was even considered, I think, for the main event at Wrestlemania was when Roman got Leukemia,” Rollins explained. “He was out from August till January, February whatever it was and I was kinda second behind in the babyface column there. So, I got slotted in.”

Seth Rollins True Feelings About The "Roman Era"
Seth Rollins (WWE/YouTube)

“The best I can hope for is to be the Edge to his Cena or like the Savage to his Hogan,” Rollins says. “Sometimes I feel that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.”

Rollins also stated that regardless of his confidence of being able to perform at a main event level, it is not his “sandbox” and he does not “make those decisions.”

Despite having to live in the “Roman Era,” there is no jealousy or animosity between the “Shield brothers.” “It’s very healthy competition. When we started the Shield, the goal was always for the three of us to be on top of the industry,” Rollins stated. “And it was never like oh I’m gonna help you and you’re gonna help me and we’re gonna help him. We were all using each other. Not like helping each other and I don’t mean that in a negative way.”

Rollins also spoke highly of Jon Moxley who left the WWE and is currently the face of AEW as their 3x World Champion. “He’s great, at the top of his game, doing his thing over in AEW, so I wish him nothing but the best.”


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