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Scarface Agrees With Ice Cube Then Challenges Him To Verzuz

As Verzuz continues to flourish now with live crowds, two of the biggest Hip Hop icons of all time could be next to do battle, as Scarface challenges Ice Cube.

Verzuz initially started as a battling concept between two artists and their catalogs. As quickly as Verzuz grew in popularity, it also quickly transformed from battling to a celebration of music between the artists. Appearing on the Breakfast Club on July 6th, Ice Cube was asked if he would participate in a Verzuz. Cube did not turn down Verzuz nor did he agree to participate in one. But, what he did offer was a brand new concept for Verzuz.

“It’s nothing that’s like on my bucket list, wish list or nothing like that,” Cube explained on the popular morning show. “I would’ve done it a little different. My version of Verzuz would’ve been — pull somebody out there like Chuck D  or Public Enemy or something, and I play all the songs I love from him and he play all the songs he love from me.”

Although host Charlamagne suggested he would love to see Ice Cube go head-to-head with LL Cool J, another potential dream match has been presented. A week later Geto Boys would also make their way into the Breakfast Club. They also were asked about Verzuz to which Scarface challenged Ice Cube. “I’ll do one with Cube,” he said.

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Willie D and Scarface echoed Cube’s concept of two artists playing each others favorite hits. “I’ll play all my favorite Cube sh-t, he’ll play all his favorite Face sh-t,” he added. “I’ll beat him with that. I’ll kill him with the favorite Cube sh-t ’cause I got favorite Cube sh-t that can’t nobody touch.”

As of this writing, no response yet from Verzuz co-founders Swizz Beatz and Timbaland. Let us know in the comments below if you would like to see Ice Cube Verzuz Scarface.


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