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Roddy Ricch Calls Out Fake Nipsey Hussle Supporters

Compton native, Roddy Ricch, appeared on Akademiks ’Off The Record’ podcast where he called out those who supported Nipsey Hussle when it was ”trendy.”

Roddy Ricch is extremely transparent during his recent sit down Akademiks. The Compton native did not hold back. Roddy who appeared on ”Victory Lap,” said many started to listen to Nipsey’s album after his death.

“N***as don’t want to say it but I’ma say it, when the album came out, I didn’t really hear a lot of n***as really playing this sh*t until it was a trend to play his music. We was playing this sh*t, forwards and backwards, as soon as it came out, just like any other Nipsey Hussle album because we from the West and we support that sh*t and we know what he talking about, we understand what he talking about. N***as ain’t bump Victory Lap until it was a trend and I’ma stand firm on that. N***as wasn’t Nipsey Hussle riders until that shit was a trend to be,” Roddy explained.

Following Hussle’s death in March 2019, the album peaked at No. 2. with over 66,000 album-equivalent units sold. Initially the album debuted sr number four and sold 53,000 equivalent units.

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Roddy also named three artists who are repoing hip hop in L.A. “There’s so much sh*t going on in L.A. that sh*t will f**k you up. It’s only three n***as left in L.A. that I can say that’s really putting on for this muthaf**ker and that’s Kendrick, YG and me,” Roddy told Akademiks. “When you really sit down and understand that the type of baggage we got as n***as from the spot, you gotta understand what we going through as a unit n***a.”

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