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Reuben Vincent Releases New Single “Trickin” Featuring Domani

Charlotte, NC-bred rapper & producer, Reuben Vincent, releases new single “Trickin,” featuring Domani via Jamla/Roc Nation Records.

The new Roc Nation signee, 22 year old Reuben Vincent, creates songs full of wisdom that extends well beyond someone still in his formative years. His growing catalog displays as much, as he deftly pivots from incisive social commentary, mature introspection, and sharp, allusion-heavy wordplay.

Now the talented artist out of Charlotte, NC debuts his new single “Trickin,” featuring Domani. “Trickin” includes an intro from comedian Katt Williams and is produced by Andre Mego, with additional production from 9th Wonder and Young Guru. 

Reuben Vincent Releases New Single “Trickin” Featuring Domani

“Trickin” is a tale of three stories. The song amplifies the wrongs in dating culture today for my generation and how it plays out in different scenarios” Reuben Vincent clarifies.  “The first verse is something I lived. I was involved with a girl in a situationship, and once she caught feelings I became detached and acknowledge my imperfections.

In the second verse I speak from the perspective of a guy “Trickin” on a girl, thinking he has the upper hand when ultimately it’s the other way around. I’ve lived the first experience first-hand and witnessed the second one happen to many other people. After I recorded my verses, I drove down to Atlanta the next day and played it for Domani and he immediately hopped on it; the rest is history.”

“All ima say is make sure you remember when, and where you were when you first heard this song because that question WILL be asked in the next ten years” Domani confidently asserts. “Trickin” is Storytelling + Vulnerable-Ignorance= Art.” 

“Trickin” is the new single from Reuben Vincent’s forthcoming Jamla/Roc Nation Records debut album Love Is War.  After joining Pusha T on his It’s Almost Dry Tour, the rising artist put the industry on notice with, “Geechie Suede,” (video link) and most recently his standout Cypher performance at the BET Hip Hop Awards.


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