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Reggie Wright Jr. Blames Snoop Dogg For Nas Lying About Tupac Meeting

Reggie Wright Jr. was recently interviewed on VLAD TV where he spoke about Nas “Death Row East” song which details the infamous night in New York where he and Tupac had a face-to-face meeting.

According to Reggie, Nas side of the story is inaccurate. In fact, Reggie blames Snoop Dogg. “I take it out on Snoop Dogg cause I feel he gives them the ammunition, cause he has the audience,” Reggie Write Jr. explains. “And I keep saying, that’s not how the story went.” Unlike Snoop, Reggie was actually there at Bryant Park where Tupac and Nas spoke.

Back in 1996, the infamous face off between two iconic figures in Hip Hop occurred at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards after party. Tupac along with Suge Knight, walked the area with hundreds holding them down marching around with Death Row East signs and some repping the movement with white tees. Others were on standby ready for the worst. As previously told by the late Outlawz member Hussein Fatal, Jersey was deep in Bryant Park ready to rep for Tupac. About 50-75 individuals as told by Reggie Wright Jr. on VLAD TV. “It could have went crazy on both sides. Cause any of those guys, if Pac would have told Fatal or Kadafi to handle one of them, or given a nod, they would have done it,” Reggie said.

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This is also when Tupac Shakur gave his iconic interview with Much TV. The two minute and a half interview had Tupac introducing Death Row East. “Do you believe in God? Believe in Death Row East. We plan to take the same strategy we use with Death Row West, which is mind over matter. Taking all our weaknesses and turning it into our strength,” Tupac stated. “All these weak rappers, Nas and all these suckas battling off of East and West like if its a game.”

It was right after the interview that Tupac saw Nas approaching and quickly went to towards the Queens rapper. Reggie also states he and Suge Knight were not near Nas and Tupac. They both stood at a short distance at first. When things appeared to escalate, Reggie and Knight made their way to Tupac and Nas. Indeed the face off between the two artists was tense at first, but eventually they worked things out. “At the end those two gave each other a dab, worked it out. Pac turned to Suge, told him, ‘That song Against All Odds Ima take that verse off. I’m f–king with this dude. He is coming to town in a few weeks’,” Reggie said on VLAD TV. “They was probably gonna do some songs together.”


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