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Ras Kass Clowns Tekashi 69’s New Single: Hot Trash

One of hip hop’s top lyricists and rap legend, Ras Kass, took aim at Tekashi 69’s new single, calling the song “hot trash.”

As Tekashi 69 is preparing his comeback, not everyone is welcoming the Brooklyn rapper with open arms. On Friday (April 8), Tekashi announced his return to hip hop, making it clear he is ready to take over again. The controversial rapper also shared a video as he filmed in Brooklyn for his upcoming music video. In the video, fans heard a preview of his upcoming single dropping on April 15th. (View: Tekashi 69 Returns To Brooklyn For New Music Video)

The video on Instagram has garnered over 8 million views, with many reposting the video on their own accounts. Ras Kass was one of those who shared. After becoming aware of the video, due to comedian Blake Webber sharing it to his 1.7 million followers, Ras Kass decided to chime in.

“THIS WHAT 99% OF YOU NI–AS SOUND LIKE TO MY EARS 👂🏾idgaff who y’all say hot. Ni–as is hot trash lol 😂,” the hip hop veteran wrote on the caption. For Ras Kass, this is not what hip hop should sound. The Cali native, has an incredible catalog with substance that showcases his undeniable lyrical skills.

Speaking with Hip Hop XXIV, Ras Kass spoke about social media trends overpowering actual artists music that provide a educational and positive message. “People say, ‘Yeah, but if you had put ‘Nature of the Threat now, it would go viral.’ I don’t Know, because I keep writing things that are just as important, people don’t give a f–k,” Ras Kass explained. “I say important sh-t from time to time, and that sh-t is right over looked for cat video or some new challenge.”

Later in the interview, Ras Kass stated he did not know what advice he would give new artists. “In today’s world, I’m not sure if I have any advice for them, because I don’t understand how they get popular,” he said. Regardless, Tekashi 69’s says “the industry most hated animal” makes his return on April 15th.

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