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Queen Naija Confronts Lil Meech In New Video “Let’s Talk About It”

Multi-platinum songstress Queen Naija kicks off the new year with a new single and music video for “Let’s Talk About It,” where she confronts Lil Meech.

Accompanied by a cinematic video that finds Queen taking back her power, “Let’s Talk About It” arrives around the Detroit-bred artist’s milestone five-year anniversary of her breakthrough hit Medicine (a double-platinum smash that premiered on New Year’s Day in 2018 and immediately set her meteoric rise in motion).

Queen Naija Confronts Lil Meech In New Video “Let’s Talk About It”

Co-written by Queen with Mike Woods (G-Eazy, Tink, Ty Dolla $ign) and producer Oak Felder (Kehlani, Nicki Minaj, Pink Sweat$), “Let’s Talk About It” is a powerful piece of R&B-pop built on her ultra-smooth soothing vocals. With its soulful backdrop of lush textures and hypnotic beats, the bold but vulnerable track challenges the men in her life to face their issues once and for all.

“Putting up a front to hide behind your traumas/Takin’ all your anger out on me won’t solve ‘em/Had a real one by your side, but you just lost one,” sings Queen Naija on “Let’s Talk About It.”

Directed by Sara Lacombe, the video for “Let’s Talk About It” opens on a shot of Queen driving rapidly through windy roads. It soon follows her to an abandoned warehouse where two other women assist her in bringing out her man tied up for Queen to confront him. Once inside the shadowy warehouse, a series of TV monitors light up to reveal footage of emotional crimes committed in the man’s past, as Queen autocratically circles her captive. Spliced with gorgeously captured performance shots of Queen, the visual ultimately finds her urging him to talk about what he’s done and fully own up to his actions.

Alongside Queen, the video stars actor/rapper Lil Meech as her man from the 50 Cent produced television drama series BMF. The highly anticipated season 2 of BMF premieres tonight on Starz.


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