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Quando Rondo Says He Never Called Big U For Protection

After Big U appeared on The Breakfast Club claiming Quando Rondo hit him up for protection, but the Atlantic Records artist denies that was ever his reason for calling the OG.

“Cuz is in a lane where cuz got a lot of charity s— going on—cuz just got a lot of positive s—going on, which my team was hitting up a lot of more people,” Rondo said on his Instagram video.“ It’s time for me to start giving back. … It’s time for me to leave this street s— in the streets and just play my role with this internet s—. I was just trying to give back from the heart. I never once called nobody, no n—- on planet Earth, for no protection. The f , cuz? I don’t fear no man.”

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The video was a response to Big U’s morning appearance on The Breakfast Club where they spoke about the younger rappers linking up with the OGs in the game. “They got your number, they know who you is, but they feel like they bigger than the program. You got a lot of dudes, like when I was here last time, that claim my neighborhood that’s in this music shit but they don’t really fuck with us until it’s a problem, and then they call us,” Big U explains. “Like Quando Rondo. I just showed Envy, like, you can’t call me now. You can’t call me when the fire hot. You didn’t fuck with me before that. You had my number, you could have called me, you could have did all that. He was around and about but how does that feel to me and how does that feel to our team?”

The conversation stems from Rondo’s alteration with King Von back in November of 2020, where Von was shot and killed. Watch the video below and comment who you think is telling the truth.


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