Pristine Jewelers’ $4 Million Dollar Watch, Fat Joe Got One!

Labeled as “The Avalanche,” Fat Joe now owns one of the biggest timepieces with Diamonds ever made courtesy of Pristine Jewelers.

According to Fat Joe, there was a reason why he wore those infamous boots during New York’s recent snow storm. Joey crack took to his Instagram on January 29th, where he posed with boots that had the internet on fire, causing many to roast the rap veteran. But, as stated by Fat Joe on his IG Tuesday afternoon, “This why I wore the boots, THE AVALANCHE WAS COMING 🅿️ushin 🅿️ristine @pristine_jewelers THE BIGGEST EVER.”

Fat Joe is referring to a $4 million dollar watch by Pristine Jewelers. For Fat Joe, this is how he is “Pushin’ P” in 2022. “So, I ordered a watch nine months ago. Can’t believe it finally came in. So, this is legend. If you could get one of these, salute. This is legend. I love it actually,” Fat Joe referring to another incredible watch by Pristine Jewelers.

Up next is “The Avalache,” a Pristine Timepiece 65 by 55 mm 18kt white Gold Swiss Made Automatic, case covered in 196cts of all GIA Certified Diamonds. “But, big boy came in. It’s called an Avalanche,” Fat Joe said on an Instagram video post. “Don’t do it to yourself guys. Four mill to the wrist. It comes with a 24-hour security. This is how I’m pushin’ P. Don’t do that to yourself man. You don’t want that type of smoke right here. This is what I call pushin’ P,” Fat Joe said Monday afternoon.

The unique piece is being customized to specific clients liking. As stated by the Pristine Jewelers, “Pristine Evolution in the Luxury watch industry is Making Tremendous Waves !!” Follow more from Pristine Jewelers here.


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