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Princess Of The West Is Back As Malaynah Releases “Envy”

Los Angeles native and one of Hip Hop‘s brightest new stars, Malaynah, is back with her latest single “Envy” alongside the music video directed by CMDELUX.

Gearing up for upcoming EP which drops on July 23rd, the 11:11 artist clearly with a chip on her shoulder is letting her lyrics to do the talking. “All that envy, got you looking like a basic bit–es / Come on, come on get me, better have my check please / bit–es better not test me, I know they got Envy.”

Only in her twenties, Malaynah has already built a catalog that has caught the eyes and ears of many. Her 2019 EP “Kaleidoscope” has over 1 million streams and who can who can forget her signature Mondays in car-freestyles catching the attention of Cardi B.

Back in 2019, Malaynah would get a co-sign from Cardi B when she freestyled over Cardi’s “Money” beat. The video would go viral with the help of Cardi B, as she reposted Malaynah’s freestyle on her own Instagram account.

Now in 2021 Malaynah continues to mature musically and it is quite evident she is on the verge of bigger and better things this year. In fact Malaynah is set to perform live at the Summer Unlocked event. An event which features the likes of DaBaby, Tyga, Polo G, Rick Ross, and Jack Harlow.

Listen to “Envy” here.

You already know what it is

Independent f— a label

I’m a problem they can’t solve it

Big deposit, yeah

I run circles around you b—–

Ain’t no contest here

They know the flow is so elite

Gotta murder every beat

Came up from the streets

West coast that’s me

– Malaynah on “Envy”


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