Podrum Releases “Ghetto Cry” Featuring Mopreme Shakur, Bossolo

Switzerland’s hottest rap group Prodrum talks future plans and how their single “Ghetto Cry” featuring Tupac’s step brother Mopreme Shakur came about.

From song writing to producing, members of Podrum bring so much to the table and more. There is no denying their individual talent, but together they are that much stronger. Looking to create a new standard in Swiss hip hop, Podrum’s member Lazar briefly chopped it up with Hip Hop XXIV as he spoke about the influence of Tupac Shakur and linking up with Mopreme.

Who is Podrum?

Podrum is a rap group from Switzerland (Solothurn), consisting of Lazar (Rapper, Videographer), Dr Sam (Rapper, Producer), Ennes (Rapper, Singer), T.O (Singer, Songwriter, Producer). We all come from Solothurn-west and have known each other since we were children. Since we love hip hop, we tried to do our thing ourselves in the late 2000s and that was how it all came together till today.

As you stated, aside from rapping, you’re also a videographer. Tell us how did that come about and any future plans to continue that aspect of your talent?

We wanted to have a music video made for our first song (Take Control). But when we couldn’t implement our vision with other videographers, we decided to close it ourselves.

We really liked the result. From then on we made our music videos ourselves. As we could see that we were forming a awsome team (beatmakers, videographers, rappers) motivated us even more. I will always try to surpass the previous music video and set myself new goals in terms of Quality

What got you into Hip Hop? Which artists influenced you and why?

As little kids we only heard hip hop. Tupac, Dr Dre, Ice Cube, B.I.G. What later made us want to go in this direction ourselves. Especially Tupac is very inspiring, because he not only represents hip hop through music but also through his massage. We first saw Tupac on MTV when he performed Keep Ya Head Up live. That was the first song we heard from him. He was our role model in our childhood.

Speaking of Tupac, your new single features Mopreme Shakur. Tell us how that came about.

We came into contact with the rapper Bossolo. Then in 2018 we had our first feature with him on the song ‘Compton.’
Then he gave us a feature with Young Noble and later also Mopreme Shakur. Features for which we are very grateful to him.

What’s next for Podrum in 2022?

This year we have a lot of projects that we want to release. We have songs planned with a lot of artists like, Kidd Kidd, Tha Chill, R.E.K.S, MC Eight and others. Above all pushing ourselves with banging songs and music videos. T.O (The Singer) will release some solo tracks soon, “Freedom” which also have an important political message. The most important thing for us is that we set a new standard for Swiss Hip Hop. The song with Mopreme (Ghetto Cry) made us as 2Pac fans very, very proud. Now we want to show even more what we can do.


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