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Outlawz, Nebula Give Fans Co-Ownership Opportunity for Classic Song Featuring Tupac

Twenty six years later, Tupac fans will have a dynamic way to remember his legacy, honor his life, and co-own a portion of his ‘World Wide’ single with the Outlawz.

Want to make history co-owning music you love? Legendary Hip Hop group, Outlawz (Young Noble and E.D.I Mean) are showing their fans how they can be a part of the next moment in music history by co-owning one of their cult singles “ World-Wide” ft. Tupac & T-Low.

Formed by the legendary rap artist Tupac Shakur, Outlawz are continuing the spirit of giving by offering 20% of their music royalty streaming rights to 100 music lovers on the single “ World Wide” ft. Tupac Shakur and T-Low. For Free.

“This is a timeless piece of music from a timeless artist who was so impactful before streaming numbers. Art is forever, and now, fans have an opportunity to actually co-own the songs. The more streaming that happens, the more our users are earning. Don’t rent it when you can co-own it,” said Jenna Kadhum, Artist Relations at Nebula and founder of UrbanMass -Entertainment Solutions.

Outlawz, Nebula Give Fans Co-Ownership Opportunity for Classic Song Featuring Tupac
Young Noble (@young_noble)

Nebula.la is revolutionizing the music industry by offering a platform that connects music artists and their fans like never before. Nebula users have the unique opportunity of purchasing co-ownership in new singles using the Nebula token. Then, users get to earn royalty payouts on their co-owned music. Anyone interested can download the Nebula app to get started. It’s available now on in the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store- World Wide.

This immersive platform is about much more than simply co-owning music. It’s a complete community for music enthusiasts and artists. Musicians have struggled in recent years with the digital market completely shifting the way they earn, but now, Nebula is offering a way for artists to earn more while having their music online in front of global audiences while giving fans a way to earn. The culture of Nebula is completely geared toward the success of the artist and the fans alike.

By decentralizing the music industry, Nebula is opening up virtually limitless opportunities for all involved parties. Musicians and fans have new ways to earn with one seamless app.

“Our fans are die hard fans and have been with us a long time, as well as those from the new generation. They know the value of our impact and influence together with Tupac, so this is a big thank you to all of our fans WORLD WIDE,” says Outlawz.

Outlawz and Tupac fans can now co-own a piece of music history by visiting and registering on the official website. To get started, the fans have to simply download the app for free, register, and create a profile.

Register to participate in the Tupac, Outlawz “World Wide” raffle by September 27th:

100 fans will be selected at random. Each fan will be given a token via nebula platform that will give you a percentage of music royalty shares in the song “World-Wide”, and exclusive extras along with their percentage in music royalty shares.

Winners will be selected on the 28th of September. No purchase necessary. Nebula acct req’d upon winning.

Winner will win:

  • 100 tokens given away for free (each token is worth $1,000 and entitles you to 0.2% recurring future royalty payouts).
  • Each token includes a T-Shirt (designed by Young Noble) plus a digital booklet of handwritten lyrics.
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