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Offset Responds To J Prince’s Warning On MDWOG: Call Me

Offset responds to J Prince’s interview on Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, where the music executive warned the Migos rapper.

It has been four months since the loss of Migos member, Takeoff. The rapper was tragically shot and killed in Houston late Halloween night of 2022. Till this day more and more layers of the story continue to come out.

The Prince family, who previously faced backlash for their Takeoff memorial outside 810 Billiards and Bowling in Houston, where the shooting took place. Fans expressed their displeasure over it, as they were upset that “The Prince Family” was in flowers and not Takeoff’s name. To make matters worse, a leaked video showing J Prince Jr. walking by Takeoff’s body after being shot went viral.

Since then J Prince has done various interviews clearing up any misunderstanding and negative press involving his family and defending his son. In a recent interview on Million Dollaz Worth of Game, J Prince took things further and warned Offset.

“This Offset dude. I ain’t gon’ leave him out. I’m just real like this, cause n***** be throwing rocks and hiding their hand. I don’t like them kind of individuals and the truth of the matter is, one can dance and different things in front of different cameras and that type of s***. And when in reality, the truth of the matter is, n**** you weren’t really right there with Takeoff when he was alive,” said Prince Sr. in the hour long interview.

“I got people everywhere. I hear all kinds of things,” J Prince continued. “I’m a just say this to you. Don’t ever put me in no position where you know, I have to defend myself. It wouldn’t be healthy for you.”

Many have criticized Walo and Gillie, co-hosts of Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, for uploading their J. Prince Sr. interview on Grammys night. During the 2023 Grammys, a heartfelt tribute was put together honoring all the musicians and contributors to music who sadly lost their lives. One of those artists honored was Offset with Migos member, Quavo, performing ‘Without You.’

Many on Instagram chimed in as Akademiks shared the clip of the J Prince’s interview. One IG user commented, “Wallo and Gillie 🚮 for releasing this JPrince interview same day as Takeoff Grammys Tribute,” with another wrote, “this so lame , how you say you got love for takeoff but threatened to take out another member of migos .. guilt is written all over this.”

Offset had his own response to J Prince. “How y’all speak on me and Take’s relationship n****. I don’t know you n**** from a can of paint. Y’all n***** don’t know how me and my brother rocked n****. This your fifth interview you did about my brother. You didn’t think about his mamma. You didn’t think about the family,” said Offset in a video uploaded to his IG Story. “Ain’t nobody said nothing but you n*****. What y’all n***** think you is, John Gotti n*****. Ain’t nobody going from that bro. And if you heard something from me, I’m a tell you it’s gonna come from me. Call my phone.”

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