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Nore Details Diddy Conversation After Kanye West Interview

Continuing what he calls his “apology tour,” co-host of Drink Champs Nore, detailed his conversation with Diddy after the Kayne West interview.

At this point, there is nowhere Nore can hide without hearing talks about his infamous Kanye West interview on Drink Champs. Nore who’s a fan of Twitter, has stepped away from the social media platform as he states “he can’t even open” his twitter right now.

Although Nore considers Kanye West a friend, the Queens native was put in a position where all eyes are on him. Regardless, Nore does not feel West is “as lost as people think he is” and suggests his peers and artists in hip hop such as Talib Kweli should reach out to Kanye.

Nore Details Diddy Conversation After Kanye West Interview
Kanye West (Drink Champs)

Kweli has been very vocal about West’s Drink Champs interview. “You took advantage of NORE, someone who was giving you the benefit of the doubt, for your own political gain. And now you have jeopardized his show and made the families of the victims of racist police brutality want to sue you,” Kweli wrote on his IG caption.

Kanye also took shots at Diddy, co-founder of Revolt TV which airs Drink Champs. Speaking with Rap Life on Apple Music, Nore detailed his conversation with Diddy. “I had a conversation with Puff and he let his part go. I thought he was going to edit it. I just said, ‘Yo, I have this freedom of speech thing. I don’t agree with what he is saying Puff. I didn’t agree what he said about you,” explained Nore. “I didn’t agree with what he said about a lot of these things. But if we start to edit him, I have to edit everybody.`”

Nore who stated he did not go to journalism school and is learning on the job, has a clear vision of how he would like to conduct interviews. “I heard Drake gives people the question before they come into the room and I don’t want to become that reporter,” Nore said as Ebro agreed he has turned down interviews for that reason. “I don’t do interviews where they say, ‘Yo you can’t ask me about this.’ Cause I say don’t come. Cause I want to be the funny guy that asks you about everything. But that’s my position, not to be politics.”


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