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Nicki Minaj Make Spotify History With “Super Freaky Girl”

Nicki Minaj has done what no other female artists has yet to accomplish and makes Spotify history with her latest single “Super Freaky Girl.”

After releasing her latest single “Super Freaky Girl,” Minaj broken the record for the biggest solo debut of all time by a female rapper on the Global Spotify chart (3 million) and Spotify US (1.5 million). This special feat is going down as the biggest female rap song in Spotify history.

Nicki Minaj Make Spotify History With "Super Freaky Girl"

Produced by Dr. Luke, Malibu Babie, Vaughn Oliver & Aaron Joseph, “Super Freaky Girl” samples Rick James’ 1981 song “Super Freak.” In the “Anaconda” sister song “Super Freaky Girl,” Nicki Minaj takes pridefulness in her freak-esque role, going into depth about her various sexual encounters.

Nicki successful song also has the rapper claiming the No. 1 iTunes spot on the U.S. and Canada charts and entering the Top 100 in several other countries including Mexico, the U.K. and Australia.

“One thing about me, I’m the baddest alive
He know the prettiest bitch didn’t come until I arrive
I don’t let bi**hes get to me, I f**k they man if they try
I got a princess face, a killer body, samurai mind
They can’t be Nicki, they so stupid, I just laugh when they try
A thong bikini up my a**, I think I’ll go for a dive
His ex bi**h went up against me, but she didn’t survive
On applications I write “pressure” ’cause that’s what I apply (Brr)
P-P-P-Pressure applied, can’t f**k a regular guy
Wetter than umbrellas and stickier than apple pie,”

– Nicki Minaj, “Super Freaky Girl” (Genius.com)


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