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New Tekashi 69 Video Surfaces As He Is Falsely Accused

Although he has yet to release any new music since his TattleTales album, new Tekashi 69 video stemming from an altercation has surfaced as the rapper makes headlines.

According to reports Tekashi was at a paintball range where apparently an individual shouted at the rapper, “rat”. This resulted in the individual getting hit in the face and falling to the ground, where as seen in the video he was kicked.

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Originally FOX News talk show host Andy Slater had reported that the rapper was under investigation for his possible involvement in a strong-armed robbery. “Rapper Tekashi69 is under investigation by Miami police after being involved in a possible strong-armed robbery, a senior law enforcement official tells me. The incident happened within the past hour,” Slater tweeted around 4 p.m. Tuesday evening (January 19).

Five hours later and Slater went on Twitter to give everyone an update as he tweeted, “After an investigation, the alleged victim made up most of his story, police sources tell me. The incident, which did involve Tekashi69, took place at a paintball shooting range in Miami. The rapper has been cleared of any wrongdoing.”

Thankful for the new Tekashi 69 video, the rapper did not get himself involved which would have violated his five year probation.


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