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New Tekashi 69 Video Performing Live, Jumps Into Crowd!

After an alleged breakup with girlfriend Jade, 6ix9ine has been for the most part out of the news. That was until a new Tekashi 69 video has the Brooklyn rapper performing live and jumping into the live crowd.

Saturday afternoon, Tekashi 69 took to his official Instagram account with a new video post and a message to those who doubted him. “He NoT GonNa bE Able tO cOmE ouTsiDE” JUMPED IN THE CROWD WITH ALL MY JEWELRY 2,000,000 WORTH. REAL LIFE > THE INTERNET. If you mad just say that don’t @ me,” ^ix9ine wrote in the video caption.

Tekashi is referring to him performing live in a club over the weekend. The rapper performing his post-prison hit single GOOBA to a packed house, jumped from the balcony onto the crowd on hand.

Earlier this month 6ix9ine was in the Dominican Republic where he appeared to be relaxing and taking time away from the spotlight. In a caption on Instagram, the rapper apologized to his fans for being M.I.A., and explained he was not happy. “To all my fans I love you … I’m sorry I been away from music. In all reality I’m not happy. The fame and the money doesn’t mean anything to me because it doesn’t bring me joy. I say all this because when your chasing your dreams in life remember God comes first. Never lose sight of that. He blesses you in life because he sees the good in your heart and with that blessing you learn to bless others. I will continue my journey to find happiness within myself and find the joy I once had.”

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