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Never-Before-Seen Video Of Tupac Released By Former Bodyguard

Sharing never-before-seen video of a young rapper, Tupac Shakur, is his former body guard Kaiso Aaron Allen.

Back in April of 2022, former bodyguard of Tupac Shakur, shared never-before-seen video of the rap icon. Back in the early days 90s as Tupac was part of Digital Underground, Shakur was held down by ex-bodyguard Kaiso Aaron Allen. thirty-two years ago, Kaiso blessed fans with a piece of history and rare footage.

Share the never-before-seen video of Tupac on TikTok and Instagram, Kaiso explained the backstory of the footage. “32 years ago I met Pac on the FEAR of a Black Planet tour in 1990. He is where I helped pac Excape from the COPS,” Kaiso wrote on his Instagram caption. “THEY wanted to Arrest him for Doing Sexual act on Stage when he was Dancing with Digital Underground. I WAS HIS PERSONAL BODYGUARD BACK THEN.”

A young Tupac Shakur is seen in the video wearing a “Street Knowledge” black jacket. The video is only 28 seconds long and unfortunately for fans, Tupac doesn’t say a word. Many had question if the video was even real. Kaiso decided to share the video again weeks later on May 9th with the following caption, “REAL FOOTAGE OF TUPAC IN 1990 WHEN I WAS HIS BODYGUARD.”

Years later and rare Tupac footage continues to surface. Fans hope to see more when the new upcoming docuseries ‘Dear Mama’ premieres fall of 2022. As announced on Mother’s Day, ‘Dear Mama’ will be led by Emmy Award®-nominated director Allen Hughes (The Defiant Ones) comes a five-part cinematic television event exploring two voices, activist Afeni Shakur and hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur, that could not be silenced. (View more: Tupac, Afeni Docuseries’ “Dear Mama” Teaser Premieres On Mother’s Day)


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