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Nems Calls Out Knicks, James Dolan. ‘Bing Bong’ Coming To BK Nets?

Brooklyn rapper, Nems, who is the man behind the New York Knick’s ‘Bing Bong’ catch phrase, appeared on Hot 97 and trashed the Knick and their owner.

Coney Island’s Mayor and upcoming artist Nems, rose to mainstream status with his single ‘Bing Bong.’ Released back in August of 2021, ‘Bing Bong’ is featured on Nems ‘Congo‘ studio album. An instant hit in Brooklyn, the term quickly caught on and became the New York Knicks new rallying cry.

It all happened after the Knicks’ 138-134 double-overtime win over the Celtics in the season opener. Sidetalk posted a video of screaming fans outside Madison Square Garden after the epic win. This is when at the 22-second mark in the video, titled “Knicks Season Opener,” Jordie Bloom says “bing bong” into a microphone, and the rest is history.

The Knicks’ official account has used it to celebrate big dunks, Knicks players have used it after victories, and a Knicks opponent used it to taunt them after New York its first loss. But, according to Nems the created of ‘Bing Bong,’ he is no longer associating himself with the Knicks.

“Absolutely not,” Nems said when asked if he was a die hard Knicks fan. “To be honest, I was frontin’ in the beginning like, ‘Yeah, I’m hardcore Knicks…’ To be real bro, they played me. They did not give me not one court side seat this whole time. F–k they’re life. They disrespected me. I created their whole catch phrase this season. They didn’t give me a ticket. They didn’t even offer me a ticket.”

“Over the years I lost interest,” Nems said of the Knicks. “Just the way they handle people. Look at Spike Lee, they have problems with him. I mean, that’s Spike Lee. Obviously James Dolan is a piece of sh-t.”

Nems Calls Out Knicks, James Dolan. 'Bing Bong' Coming To BK Nets?
Nems (Bing Bong)

Now the Brooklyn rapper is ready to take ‘Bing Bong’ home to the Nets. Ebro is all for. During the interview Ebro stated he hit someone from the Nets and added that he would reach out to Kevin Durant to bring out Nems at this years Summer Jam. “That would be the biggest moment for ‘Bing Bong,'” said Nems.

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This past week, Nems released the ‘Bing Bong’ remix featuring Fat Joe, Styles P, and Busta Rhymes. “Fat Joe supported the track since it dropped, so I hit him and told him ‘Bing Bong’ was getting a lot of play on the radio, and that I’m gonna do a remix,” Nems told Complex of the remix. “I wanted to make it even more NYC, so [‘Bing Bong’ producer] Vinny Idol also produces for D-Block, I told him I wanted to get Styles P on it as well, a few days later I had a verse from Styles.”

Partial Source: NY Post, SBNation


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