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NBA YoungBoy Sends Clear Message To Wendy Williams From Prison

NBA YoungBoy has written a humbling statement from prison which includes a message to Wendy Williams.

In September 2020, NBA YoungBoy, real name, Kentrell Gaulden, was one of sixteen people arrested in his native city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. An alert was sent to the police of a large gathering with reports of brandishing weapons. Investigators found marijuana packaged for distribution, several guns and a large amount of cash. Since then NBA YoungBoy has been under federal investigation.


As a result of a federal warrant, in late March 2021, LAPD attempted to pull the 21-year-old rapper’s car over but NBA YoungBoy attempted to flee. After a car pursuit, NBA continued on foot, with the K-9 unit apprehending him shortly afterwards. These actions didn’t impress the outspoken Wendy Williams, as she aimed at the “Outside Today” rapper.

The chat show host pleaded with the authorities and her audience alike, that NBA YoungBoy must go to jail. She said: “How do you do a hot pursuit. There are innocent people out here. You could have hurt innocent people in your hot pursuit and running through people’s backyards. Nobody wants that. bringing down the property value.”

Wendy Williams didn’t stop there, she went further, even mentioning YoungBoy’s children and baby mother. Not only did this prompt the rapper’s mother to defend her son but NBA YoungBoy himself has commented on her remarks from prison. Posted on @neverbrokeagainllc Instagram,  YoungBoy spoke with respect but with a clear message. He stated: “Tell MS. WENDY WILLIAM I say she got a good soul and she’s a beautiful woman I can see that threw all the bad comments thrown at her tell her count her blessings (STAY IN GOOD SPIRIT) Sincerely Kentrell.”

Furthermore, in this brief, humbling statement, NBA YoungBoy admits that he can’t give his children the time they deserve, only money. He states that nobody understands him, even to the point where he doesn’t understand himself at times. YoungBoy also goes onto say that he wants to suffer in peace.


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