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Napoleon Talks Meeting Diddy After Snatching His Mic On Stage

Appearing on Bomb1st, Mutah Beale aka Napoleon former member of the Outlawz, detailed the meeting between himself and Diddy after snatching his mic on stage.

Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls both dramatically lost their lives. The east coast west coast beef was history. But, what remained was the hurt and anger Naploeon felt after Shakur’s passing. Not to mention Napoleon’s loyalty to Tupac and alcohol played a factor in what occurred on a MTV stage.

The plan was to have Treach of Naughty By Nature perform his Tupac tribute song ‘Mourn You Till I Join You‘ and for Diddy and Faith Evans to perform ‘I’ll Be Missing You,’ in tribute to the Notorious B.I.G. Steve Lobel who at the time managed the Outlawz, convinced the group to patriciate in the tribute event.

Unlike the other members, Napoleon did not agree with the plans, even if the outcome would help the Outlawz advance their music careers. “Steve Lobel, of course he was trying to advance our careers. He was teaching us, ‘Look, you guys have to be more diplomatic. You can’t always say you’re beefing with this person and that person. This is what is going to open up doors for you guys,'” Napoleon recalled during his interview with Bomb1st. “I said, ‘Bro, I don’t want to be on stage with Puffy. ‘Pac died not liking this dude. I just don’t want to do it.”

Napoleon Talks Meeting Diddy After Snatching His Mic On Stage
Napoleon and Diddy on stage

Eventually Napoleon agreed, but with his own plan in mind as he also explained on his ‘Life Is Raw‘ autobiography. During rehearsals, with Steve Lobel, Jam Master J, and others in attendance, Napoleon did the unthinkable. “I couldn’t help myself man. I guess I still had a lot of anger in my chest for Puffy, for Bad Boy Records. Maybe it was me still being angry Pac was gone. Of course alcohol had somethin’ to do with it. I snapped,” Napoleon said in his autobiography.

What would happen next, shocked those in attendance, including Diddy. “As he was performing, I said to myself, I’m taking the microphone. So as he’s performing I snatched it out of his hand in the middle of what he was doin’. I’m sure everyone was shocked, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t gonna accept being on the same stage as this dude without doin’ SOMETHING,” Napoleon said in the expert shared on his Instagram account.

Napoleon, along with the Outlawz and Tupac Shakur were at one point heated rivals to Diddy, Biggie Smalls, and Bad Boy Records. Tupac accused Biggie Smalls for his 1994 shooting in New York. Claiming the Brooklyn artist should have warned him of the danger Shakur was to face. Tensions increased when Tupac was released from prison and signed with Suge Knight‘s Death Row records.

“Puffy tried to grab the mic back. I pushed him. His security guards rushing me. The Outlawz got in the middle and they basically kicked us out,” Napoleon tells Bomb1st. “I remember that day and everybody being upset with me. The Outlawz. Run DMC was there, they was kind of upset.”

Steve Lobel remembers that day very well. Commenting on Napoleon’s post about the incident back in July of 202. “Mannn I was there front and center I was like 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ jmj was like 🤷‍♂️,” Lobel replied in the comments section.

After the incident, Napoleon got word that Diddy wanted to speak to him face-to-face. Napoleon agreed but was only allowed to bring one other person with him to meet with Diddy and five other individuals, including security. “Puffy was like, ‘Why did you do that play boy?’ I was like, ‘Man, you know why I did it bro, let’s not go there,'” Napoleon revealed on Bomb1st.

According to Napoleon, nothing became of the meeting with Diddy, except the Bad Boy records CEO stating he was done with all the drama and moving to Europe. Watch the exclusive clip below.


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