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Mystery Woman Writes Tupac Shakur A Warning Letter In 1996

Interview by The Art of Dialogue, former member of the Outlawz Napoleon claims Tupac Shakur received a mystery letter warning the rapper.

“Pac called us. He was in his house in Malibu and he’s like, ‘I gotta read a letter to you’. So he opened up this letter, we was all sitting down, he read the letter,” Napoleon explains. “The lady was like, ‘Your life is in danger. Get off of Death Row’. He didn’t know who she was. She was a fan.”

Giving all that Tupac had faced over the past two years from 1994-1996, a letter such as this one from a mysterious individual, would only add on to Shakur’s paranoia. Bailed out by Suge Knight in 1995, as the former CEO of Death Row Records spent over a million dollars to free Shakur and sign him to his label. Tupac’s affiliation with the world’s most dangerous record label, his run-ins with the law, in addition to his Black Panther upbringing, resulted in Tupac being “on guard” 24/7.

Tupac would consult with the Outlawz, taking their input into consideration, weighing the severity of the letter written by the mystery woman. The Outlaw for the first time were lost for words. Although the letter from the mystery woman stated for Tupac to leave Death Row records, Napoleon did not feel Suge Knight would do any harm to Shakur. For years since Tupac’s passing, many pointed the finger at Knight. Also, many have suggested that Tupac wanted to leave Death Row records, that too Napoleon shot down. “I didn’t see no sign that ‘Pac was going to leave Death Row. Not at all,” Napoleon said.

The one thing Tupac did say was he wanted to start his own record label called Makaveli records. According to Napoleon Suge Knight wanted to sign the Outlawz, but Tupac had plans on signing them as his first artists on his new label. The label would be distributed by Death Row records.

Many have also stated Tupac’s label would be called Euthanasia. But, according to Napoleon this would have been the name for Tupac’s production company. Previously Kendrick Wells and Wendy Day revealed Tupac’s plans for the label/production company, both stating it would be community oriented. (Read: Tupac’s Euthanasia Record Label And Plans For 3rd Album On Death Row). Tupac would rock a Euthanasia chain, which according to Napoleon it was an artistic expression for Shakur. “This is pretty much what we go through. We have a side of us where we want to do good, but we also have an evil side of us. He was trying o portray that message with that Euthanasia chain.”


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